Electric Pool Water Heater

The IIS 3KW Electric Water Heater Thermostat regulates water temperature efficiently for spas, baths, and pools. With a power rating of 3KW and durable construction, it ensures precise heating between 220V and 240V. Easy to install and versatile, it guarantees comfort and energy efficiency in various water systems.



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Electric water heaters of koolsidepools have become vital in various applications, including spas, baths, and swimming pools. The IIS 3KW 220V-240V Electric Water Heater Thermostat is a premium-quality device designed to regulate water temperature in these settings efficiently.

Key Features

The thermostat boasts several notable features, including:

  • Power Rating: With a power rating of 3KW, it operates on 220V-240V, ensuring sufficient heating capacity for various water volumes.

  • Versatility: Ideal for use in spas, baths, and swimming pools, catering to both domestic and commercial settings.

  • Quality Build: Crafted with premium materials, it ensures durability and longevity in operation.

Functionality and Operation

The thermostat functions as a pivotal component within a water heating system. When connected to a heater pump, it effectively regulates the water temperature, maintaining it at desired levels for comfort and functionality. Its intuitive design allows easy integration into existing systems, providing seamless operation once installed.

Installation Guide

  • Preparation: Ensure the power supply matches the thermostat’s voltage requirements and that all safety precautions are observed.

  • Integration: Connect the thermostat to the heater pump following the provided instructions or consult a professional for installation.

  • Testing and Calibration: Once installed, test the unit to verify proper functionality. Calibration might be necessary to align the thermostat with desired temperature settings.

Benefits and Applications

  • Energy Efficiency: The thermostat’s precise control promotes energy efficiency by maintaining consistent temperatures without excessive heating.

  • Wide Application: Suited for various water-based systems, making it adaptable to different environments.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Provides a comfortable water temperature for users in spas, baths, and pools, enhancing their experience.


The IIS 3KW 220V-240V Electric Water Heater Thermostat stands as a reliable solution for maintaining optimal water temperatures in diverse settings. Its robust features, ease of installation, and broad applications make it a valuable addition to any water heating system.

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Electric Pool Water Heater
Electric Pool Water Heater


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